The Heart of the JMC Soundboard

JMC Soundboard - The Loudspeaker Made of Tonewood

Experiencing Music in its Original Dimension

JMC Soundboard Live

The professional loudspeaker for conferences, concerts and religious buildings

JMC Nomade - Do you like to be free to listen to your music?

Transportable Bluetooth loudspeaker using lutherie techniques of the 21st century

JMC Acoustic Docking Station - also available in black and white!

An harmonious association between tonewood embodying 350 years of life and vibrations, centuries-old lutherie techniques and state-of-the-art technologies.

Live the experience and welcome to participate to one of our next events

A true emotional and musical journey… transforming sound into music

JMC Soundboard - The Loudspeaker Built as a Musical Instrument

350 Years of Life and Vibration

Several Colors for the JMC Soundboard

A piece of art or a decoration element

The JMC Soundboard’s Omnidirectional Wave

The Pervasive Musical Climate

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the JMC Soundboard