LP Folk Guitar by JMC Lutherie

JMC Lutherie Launches a Special Series of Exceptional Guitars

A guitar is much more than just an instrument. It is a tool of expression. It speaks the language of the artist; music, sound that has a deeper meaning. JMC Lutherie reveals that a special series of exceptional guitars signed by Jeanmichel Capt, named LP Folk Guitar, are manufactured in our workshop. Everything has been done to support and enhance the inspiration of the musician while playing this guitar.

Jeanmichel Capt, music al instrument builder, inventor and artist, inscribed a part of himself. Inspired by a Zen attitude, he gives a meaning to each of his choices, and every single action. He is driven by the intention of transferring his expertise. This guitar is the crux of this knowledge being an alchemical mixture of the fragments of existence.

Lorenzo Pellegrini, the tree gatherer, knew exactly how to select the perfect resonance spruce out of ten thousand. Lorenzo Pellegrini and his incredible pace, shaped, crafted, sculpted, and was even transmuted by his mission, by his forest. Always in harmony with the vibrations, in subtle cooperation with magic wood. As an old tree shaped by the elements, Lorenzo Pellegrini is magnificent! He accepts his signs of life with simplicity, authenticity, and that makes it beautiful, respectable. In his honour, the rose of the guitar is adorned with the silhouette of an ancient tree, twisted and shaped by life. Like the Vitruvian Man, he embraced the pentagram: simply perfect.

We are pleased to announce that these guitars, real tools of expression, are finalized in our workshops and are available now. Don’t hesitate to contact JMC Lutherie to make an appointment to discover and try these beautiful guitars yourself.

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