7 March, 2016

Sol Gabetta: ‘JMC Lutherie reinvented the way of listening to music’

JMC Lutherie recently nominated the famous musician Sol Gabetta as its new ambassador. The cellist partners with the Swiss company that transforms sound into music through the JMC Soundboard and the other products created with the art of the 21st century Lutherie techniques.  ‘With the JMC Soundboard, JMC Lutherie reinvented the way of listening to music’, is the reaction of Sol Gabetta.

Sol Gabetta first experienced the JMC Soundboard on the occasion of one of her performances at the famous Menuhin Festival in Gstaad. She was introduced to the loudspeaker made out of tonewood by JMC Lutherie’s CEO and Founder Céline Renaud, when she participated in a private ‘Sound Tasting’. ‘Listening to the JMC Soundboard performing my favorite music is an extremely emotional experience’, was Sol Gabetta’s comment.

And emotion plays a key role in the life of the 34-years old cellist who performs on the best-known classical music scenes all around the world. Music is emotion, or even more precise, music equals emotion, according to Sol Gabetta. It is therefore no surprise that she is extremely driven when she speaks about music, her passion.

‘Music and emotion speak the same language’, says Sol Gabetta. ‘Without emotion sound or noise will never turn into music. Nowadays people take music, sound or noise in the wrong perception, especially because it is everywhere. People say quickly that a singing bird makes noise, but it is actually music.’

‘Music is like reading a book’, continues Sol Gabetta. ‘You need some tools to understand it, and you need to hear it over and over again to extract more details every time you hear it. Music can therefore be very complex and complicated, and you need to have some sensibility to completely explore it.’

Speaking about the JMC Soundboard, the flagship product of JMC Lutherie, Sol Gabetta is very enthusiastic. ‘It is amazing to see that someone is able to develop a loudspeaker with just a piece of wood and creates a natural element that transforms sound into music. This is an idealistic and futurist idea that changes the way of listening to music. The 70’s and 80’s were the years where technology improved. Now we are in the era that people go back to the source and the nature.’

 ‘I have more contact with wood than with people, as I play my cello hours and hours every day’, jokes Sol Gabetta. ‘Wood is a living element and I find it magical how a piece of wood can perform music in such an emotional way as the JMC Soundboard does. I love the philosophy of JMC Lutherie, turning sound into music. It adds emotion to what you are listening, thanks to the idealistic ideas of JMC Lutherie.’

3 February, 2016

JMC Lutherie launches its own YouTube channel

JMC Lutherie is pleased to announce the launch of its own YouTube channel. Visitors of this dedicated channel are now able to discover the magical universe of the lutherie of the 21st century and its creations the JMC Soundboard, the loudspeaker made out of tonewood, the JMC Acoustic Docking Station and the recently launched JMC Nomade through almost 50 special videos.

To access the JMC Lutherie YouTube channel, click here.

9 December, 2015

The best songs for your JMC Nomade and JMC Acoustic Docking Station

JMC Lutherie is pleased to share with you the songs our team loves to hear on the JMC Nomade or JMC Acoustic Docking Station. From Otis Redding's '(Sittin' on) the dock of the bay' via ‘The Four Seasons’ of Vivaldi to Louis Armstrong's 'Nobody knows', we have selected a number of songs you can easily download from iTunes or any other platform.

JMC Nomade

Artist / Composer  - Title

4 Non Blondes – What's Up
Adele – Hello
Ayo – Down on my Knees
Barbara – L'aigle noir
Bob Dylan – Blowin' in the Wind
Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia
Coldplay – Paradise
Dire Straits – You and your Friend
Edoardo Bennato – L'isola Che Non C'e
Isabelle Boulay – Jolie Louise
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole – Over the Rainbow
Jacques Brel – Ces Gens-Là
Madonna – Ghosttown
Nena – 99 Luftballons
Otis Redding – (Stittin' on) The Dock of the Bay
Pink Floyd – The Wall
Queen – I want to break free
Robbie Williams – Candy
Terrance Trent D'Arby – Sign your Name
The Beatles – Let it Be
The Cure – Lullaby
Tina Turner – Two People
Lang Lang / Chopin – 12 Etudes, Op. 10 No. 3 in E Major
Michel Schwalbé, Eberhard Finke, Horst Gobel, Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker / Vivaldi – The four Seasons
Natalie Dessay / Delibes  – Lakmé, Act 2: 'Ou va la jeune Hindoue

JMC Acoustic Docking Station

Artist / Composer  - Title

Bastian Baker – Hallelujah
Bee Gees – Stayin' Alive
Beyoncé – If I were a Boy
Bryan Adams – (Everything I do) I do it for you
Celtic – The Irish Washerwoman
Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
Ella Fitzgerald – Night and Day
Gianmaria Testa – Nuovo
Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene, Pt. 4
John Lennon – Imagine
Johnny Hallyday – Je te promets
Little Richard – Tutti Frutti
Lou Reed – Walk on the wild side
Louis Armstrong – Nobody knows
Patricia Kaas – Il me dit que je suis belle
Pharrell Williams – Happy
REM – Losing my Religion
Rolling Stones – Angie
Sinead O'Connor – Nothing compares 2 U
Solomon Burke – Cry to Me
Tracy Chapman – Talkin' bout a Revolution
U2 – One
Elly Ameling & Dalton Baldwin / Schubert – Ave Maria
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra / Mozart – Symphony No. 29 in a Major K. 201
St.Petersburg Chamber Choir / Rachmaninoo – Lithurgy of St John Chrysostom Op 31

26 September, 2015

JMC Nomade - Do you like to be free to listen to your music?

Transportable Bluetooth loudspeaker using lutherie techniques of the 21st century

The JMC Nomade loudspeaker is a veritable musical instrument, the tonality of which can be attributed to the Risoud Forest thanks to the use of resonance spruce, which serves as an acoustic horn. Its wonderfully streamlined, elegant aesthetics highlight the use of another local wood in the form of Swiss walnut, while its overall visual appeal will undoubtedly result in it becoming a permanent fixture in many cases. The JMC Nomade is an independent battery operated sound system which connects through Bluetooth to any suitably equipped transmitter such as a smartphone, computer or tablet.
With its rectangular shape, combining straight lines on the walnut section with a charming curve on the acoustic horn, the JMC Nomade has its own unique, easily recognisable style. Added to this highly particular look is the equally appealing secret aspect of its sound characteristic of all items made by JMC Lutherie.

The JMC Nomade will be available at most of our audio retailers. This new object of the JMC Lutherie collection is already successful. You may already reserve it from now on for a unique gift for instance at

More information under JMC Nomade


1 September, 2015

JMC Lutherie celebrates its 10th anniversary!


You have been in contact with JMC Lutherie in one way or the other... You have been vibrating with the exceptional resonance spruce and enjoyed the sound of the creations of the lutherie of the 21st century... Therefore, we would sincerely like to thank you. Come and celebrate JMC Lutherie’s anniversary with us! Under the signs of simplicity and friendliness, here in the Vallée de Joux, enjoying the ultimate in luxury: time! A day to spend time together, being together and explore the majestic Risoud Forest together.

Program of Friday 11 September 2015

9.00            Welcome with coffee & croissants at the Hotel des Horlogers, Le Brassus

9.30          Walk through the Risoud Forest, on roads, going uphill for
                  2-3 hours and then return, several shorter routes are available,
                  will take place under any weather condition

12.30          Picnic in a spectacular place called La Roche Champion, on the top of
                  the Risoud Forest, spectacular looks over the Jura mountain chain,
                   a mythical place with a rich history

16.00          Return (approx.) 

RSVP by 8 September 2015

Estelle Fehle T +41 21 845 56 10



From Sound to Music
It took us 10 years to correctly express our philosophy: anchoring the lutherie in the 21st Century and transforming sound into music. From Sound to Music, the four words that are in the centre of our actions... A singular vision on audio-based music devices revisited by the sensitivity and the expertise of the luthier... or how to touch the soul of the music lover!


Sound Tasting
You are cordially invited to experience a “Sound Tasting” by appointment in our showroom or at one of our audio partners. Do not hesitate to book us for a conference on this theme to be given by one of the Founders of JMC Lutherie

24 July, 2015

JMC Lutherie associated in the project MusicMachine 3, undertaken by MB&F et Reuge

JMC Lutherie has been associated in a magnificent project undertaken by MB&F and Reuge, the development of the MusicMachine 3, a futuristic music box featuring an exceptional design.

Not only does the MusicMachine 3 look like a space vessel that has flown in from a more advanced civilisation, but it is also musically avant-garde. The majority of music boxes amplify sound through their wooden cases, much as guitars and violins do. MusicMachine 3 is carefully designed to transmit the musical vibrations from the combs down through the two vertical side wings to its resonance base. This natural timber amplifier was developed by JMC Lutherie.

The soundboard facilitates the transformation of this energy into sound by means of its broad surface area. The board can move a greater volume of air, thus creating a more powerful sound. On MusicMachine 3, energy is transmitted from the vibrating teeth down though the vertical side wings to the resonance base, which not only amplifies the sound, but also underlines the quality of the music.

MusicMachine 3’s innovative base combines 350-year-old resonance spruce with 21st century composite materials such as NomexTM honeycomb Kevlar. 

Maximilian Büsser is therefore proud to present his last creation that looks like something from a galaxy in the far-distant future, but whose origins are ancient and embody profound respect for tradition and innovation.

MusicMachine 3 is issued in a 99-piece limited edition: 33 pieces with a white finish; 33 pieces with a black finish; and 33 pieces with a ‘chrome’ finish.



7 July, 2015

JMC Lutherie partner of the Menuhin Festival Gstaad

JMC Lutherie is partner of the Menuhin Festival in Gstaad for the second consecutive year. You are warmly welcome on the JMC Lutherie area in the Festival Tent in Gstaad during the weekends from 14th August to 5th September 2015. Find the program here.

3 July, 2015

JMC Lutherie reinforces its position on the Swiss market

You can now enjoy a “Sound-Degustation” close to you in Switzerland.

Enjoy a “Sound-Degustation” and discover the world of the 21st Century Lutherie techniques directly at your audio partner in Switzerland. Here the complete list

9 November, 2014

The JMC Acoustic Docking Station now also in black and white!

The JMC Acoustic Docking Station is proving a great success
Now also available in black or white

Building on its success, the JMC Acoustic Docking Station with its refined, minimalist design, has become a must-have among fans of music on the move and who are looking for an emotion-filled musical experience. Keen to respond to the enthusiasm generated by this singular object that has become a key part of the collection, the JMC brand offers a new version available in three colours: natural, black and white. In keeping with the initial version, it is made from the exceptional Swiss spruce tonewood and not only ensures remarkable sound amplification but also a warmer, rounder and more accurate sound thanks to a frequency response that is improved by reinforced mediums. The Acoustic Docking Station thereby perpetuates the JMC mission: “From Sound to Music”. Delivered with five interchangeable foam pads, it adapts easily to the most common smartphones. Order now under or through our partners to secure your gifts for the holiday season.  


Reinterpreting lutherie is the daring challenge pursued by JMC Lutherie for the past decade or so. This innovative and avant-garde vision is making subtle inroads into the high-tech audio world, driven by a rare and time-honoured form of expertise along with a history nurtured by the inherent resources of the Vallée de Joux. An atypical brand within a fiercely competitive field, JMC Lutherie is establishing itself as a musical listening alternative offering resolutely different tones. Designed like real musical instruments, JMC creations are richly meaningful in terms of the pure and authentic emotions they stir and nurture.

7 November, 2013

JMC Acoustic Docking Station


An harmonious association between tonewood embodying 350 years of life and vibrations, centuries-old lutherie techniques and state-of-the-art technologies.

The JMC Acoustic Docking Station is a base or stand inspired by stringed instrument-making techniques to amplify and enhance the harmony of portable music produced by a smartphone or another small-sized source. The object is made out of resonance spruce from the Risoud Forest, world-renowned for its excellent responsiveness to vibrations. It is delivered in a box with 4 extra foam pads to ensure it can adapt to almost any phone.

The story of this ‘log’ begins in a secret location that shelters an authentic treasure: the ‘green gold’ of the stringed instrument-maker, 350 year-old resonance spruce known as tonewood, which is stored there to dry and stabilise over long years and even decade. This thin plank is intended to create the sounding board of a violin. The JMC Lutherie workshops produce guitars, Soundboards – the loudspeaker made out of tonewood – as well as various resonance bases and stands for striking watches… but no violins! Regular visits to check the piles of wood left to dry sparked the idea of using these quarter-sawn boards to showcase the acoustic and visual beauty of this amazing wood… to the delight of all music lovers. That is why the JMC Acoustic Docking Station is issued in a 350-piece limited edition.

The purpose was to associate the exceptional amplifying and vibratory qualities of resonance spruce with lutherie techniques and the laws of physics. The sound makes its way through a cavity snaking several times around either side of the ‘log’ and gradually flaring out like a trumpet. The result is truly spectacular: more volume, but also greater warmth, roundness and charm.

An iconic object from the JMC workshops single-handedly reflecting the brand’s mission to bring the lutherie art firmly into the 21st century and to transform sound into harmonious music around the world…

To order it, you just need to write us under Do not hesitate as it is a limited edition.

The tonewood is quarter-sawn, as can be clearly seen on the side of the JMC Acoustic Docking Station.

Moreover, the JMC Acoustic Docking Station comes with four extra foam pads with variously sized grooves designed to ensure it can adapt to most smartphones and small portable listening devices.

The sound makes its way through a trumpet-shaped corridor. The presentation shows the material that has been removed to hollow out the docking station.

The object bears the following printed inscription: “L’épicéa de résonance, c’est le coeur d’un arbre qui parle au coeur d’un home.” which means “Resonance spruce is the heart of a tree speaking to the heart of a man.”