JMC Nomade - Do you like to be free to listen to your music?

Transportable Bluetooth loudspeaker using lutherie techniques of the 21st century

The JMC Nomade loudspeaker is a veritable musical instrument, the tonality of which can be attributed to the Risoud Forest thanks to the use of resonance spruce, which serves as an acoustic horn. Its wonderfully streamlined, elegant aesthetics highlight the use of another local wood in the form of Swiss walnut, while its overall visual appeal will undoubtedly result in it becoming a permanent fixture in many cases. The JMC Nomade is an independent battery operated sound system which connects through Bluetooth to any suitably equipped transmitter such as a smartphone, computer or tablet.

The JMC Nomade is innovative at two levels. Firstly, the source connected with the tube fosters the highs and mids, increasing the interaction of sound with air. As this tube is made of spruce, the sound emitted is warmer and more agreeable. Further to this, contrary to current market standards which use radiators to produce the bass notes, the JMC Nomade uses a more accurate higher definition mini bass-reflex cabinet which is one of the smallest currently available. The electronics which power the JMC Nomade were specially developed for it by a Swiss engineer.

Still with regard to innovation, the JMC Nomade is the only portable loudspeaker to be separate from its base so as to avoid any alteration to its high frequency response caused by the latter vibrating. The high level of performance it is expected to deliver is the JMC Nomade’s key distinguishing feature. It is this very quality, in connection with current technology, which enables it to transform sound to music.

The JMC Nomade is the product of 21st century lutherie and complements the JMC Lutherie range incorporating the Acoustic Docking Station and the Soundboard. With its rectangular shape, combining straight lines on the walnut section with a charming curve on the acoustic horn, the JMC Nomade has its own unique, easily recognisable style. Added to this highly particular look is the equally appealing secret aspect of its sound characteristic of all items made by JMC Lutherie.

It took more than two years of development to achieve this technical, artistic and aesthetic achievement. The JMC Nomade was in fact initially developed in JMC’s workshops, where every aspect of pure lutherie was completed and which involved volume calculations as well as creating the character of the sound and endowing it with that special touch of Risoud. Following this, engineers from the HEIG-VD (
Higher School of Business and Engineering Vaud, part of the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland) were enlisted to make a model of the JMC Nomade and improve it from a lutherie perspective. The third step involved the electronic development with engineers from the French-speaking part of Switzerland highly skilled in their area of expertise. Yet again, this is a creation stemming from combining traditional lutherie techniques with state-of-the-art technology, and all using 350 year-old spruce.

The JMC Nomade once again powerfully illustrates the brand philosophy of JMC Lutherie: From Sound to Music, meaning stirring emotions through the harmonious transformation of sound to music.

Technical information
- Nomadic Bluetooth speaker
- RN 52 3.0 Bluetooth connection
- Line-in (3.5 mm stereo-jack plug)
- Playback frequency of 60 Hz to 20 kHz

- Battery life of minimum 9 hours at 3/4 power max. (85 DbA / 1 m)
- Average charging time 2 hours
- 98 DbA white noise / 1 metre before distortion
- Dimensions 385 mm x 160 mm x 90 mm
- Weight 1.8 kg

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