JMC Soundboard Live

The professional loudspeaker for conferences, concerts and religious buildings

The JMC Soundboard Live is a professional speaker that enhances the sound quality of voices, instruments and even music produced. It performs best in places such as conference or concert halls, churches and theatres. It can be set up as a fixed installation, attached to a wall or left mobile on a standard pedestal. Depending on its use, the JMC Soundboard Live can be combined with a subwoofer.

The JMC Soundboard Live uses an unknown technique combining the vibration of a flat membrane with traditional lutherie techniques. Instead of a diaphragm that moves back and forth like a piston, the board vibrates microscopically across the entire surface. Thanks to the excellent dispersion characteristics of this technology, speakers thus endowed produce a remarkably balanced, equal sound throughout the room, leaving listeners free to listen wherever they wish.

The membrane of the JMC Soundboard Live is made of resonance spruce, the wood used for violins and pianos, combined with a honeycomb of fibers that is both very light and very tough, like resonance spruce itself, and which enables top performance.

The JMC Soundboard Live offers a very useful alternative, enabling enhanced control of issues linked to certain sound applications: 

  • The installation is greatly simplified thanks to this audio source using either a single source, or a vastly reduced number of sources.
  • A single low volume speaker pervades the entire sound space in a completely homogenous manner, both in terms of volume and the frequency response band, which is transmitted through the flat wave generated by the JMC Soundboard Live.
  • Reverberation phenomena are nearly eliminated due to the sound reverberating with little power against the walls, and there are therefore also few echoes resulting in better quality listening, thanks to the low volume emission of the JMC Soundboard Live.
  • There is nearly no sound interference phenomenon thanks to a low volume emission combined with a large emission surface area. The loop that produces the phenomenon is unlikely to be created, as the microphone receives very little energy in return.
  • There is no dephasing thanks to the nature of the audio source of the JMC Soundboard Live.
  • The intelligibility of the address is enhanced thanks to the presence of the sound generated by the JMC Soundboard Live.

Providing sound in churches is, for example, the most difficult of all, due to natural reverberations, as well as dephasing and noise interference issues. The JMC Soundboard Live provides a simple solution for avoiding issues of this nature.

Dimensions 89 x 89 x 17 cm - Built-in amplifier Powersoft 2 times 1,000 Watts with 4 presets: Presets 1 and 2 in association with a subwoofer; Preset 3 full range; Preset 4 for voice only - Pass-band 50 to 20,000 Hz - Weight 25 kg - Power supply Neutrik Powercon plugs (NAC3FCA)

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